2024 Guide to UIToolkit for Unity games (part 2)

(if you missed it, read Part 1: "Understanding UI Toolkit" first) Part 2: Getting the best out of UI Toolkit and Flexbox Benefits to UI Toolkit Downsides to UI Toolkit Best of both worlds: Flexbox with Unity UI Benefits to Unity UI / FlexBuilder Downsides to Unity UI / FlexBuilder Building A User Interface Using ... Read more

2024 Guide to UIToolkit for Unity games

Part 1: Understanding Unity UI Toolkit Introduction to Unity UI Toolkit Unity UI Toolkit is a robust and versatile user interface framework designed for building high-performance, scalable interfaces within Unity. This toolkit allows developers to create UI elements that are easily adaptable to various screen sizes and resolutions, using Flexbox (part of the CSS standard ... Read more

How to draw an array of items in UIToolkit in UnityEditor

After a few years of working with UIToolkit, and continually deploying it in apps and trialling solutions from the community, I eventually arrived at this "simple" code example that appears to work in all versions of Unity from 2019 through 2021+. I'm using this in production, will update this post if I find new problems ... Read more